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Lea Fellner studied biology at the University of Osnabrück. Her doctoral thesis at the Technical University of Munich was concerned with investigation of overlapping genes of enterohemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) and genome re-sequencing und re-annotation of an EHEC strain. Currently, she is head of the microbiological laboratory (S2) at the Institute of Technical Physics at the DLR Lampoldshausen and works on the standoff detection of biological agents.



FERELLA, Chief Inspector. Fabio

Fabio Ferella, born the 1966 September 03 at Marino (Rome) is a Chief Inspector of the Italian National Police and, since 1990, EOD. During the celebration of the religious event “Giubileo e Giornata Mondiale della Gioventu” in the year 2000 was responsible of the bomb squads activity in Tor Vergata (Rome). From 2001 he works in a Central Office of Ministry of the Interior responsible of all Bomb Squad, CBRN and Sniper activity of Italian Police. The Central Office is a point of contact with other similar Offices of the European Member States and in many occasions he participated at EOD/CBRN conference and training. Particularly training are HME (Home Made Explosive), Booby trap and IED/EOD disruption techniques; he has a background, concerning conventional Italian and International military weapons. Since 2013, he is CBRN Instructor formed at the military NBC School in Rieti. He studied at the school of expert industrial electronics and achieved the bachelor on sociological science discussing a thesis about “IED people impact”. Recently he realized the “vademecum” for generic Police operator concerning the procedures of intervention in case of “IED” or “Dirty Bomb” warning.



FERRARI, Arch. Giovanni

Born in Rome in 1952, Masters Degree in Architecture and authorized to the profession, has also achieved, at the Faculty of Medicine, a Postgraduate Master Degree in Defense from Chemical and Biological Weapons. Since 1989 acting as Officer of the Central Directorate for Civil Defense and Civil Protection Policies of the Ministry of Interior, is a CBRN Expert, appointed by the NBC Defense Joint School of the Defense General Staff and a NATO Civil Emergency Planning Expert in Analysis and CBRN Consequence Management.

He Participated, and participates, in the drafting of the main CBRN national plans and of the Civil Defense exercises and simulations in crisis management. Has prepared from 2010 to 2014, on the mandate of own Administration and operating in the Observatory for National Security, the exercises of the Civil Military Cooperation Courses at the Defense Studies Centre of the Defense General Staff.

Repeatedly National Representative in the meetings of NATO Committees and Groups, he collaborates to the preparation of the exercises of the Atlantic Alliance in the field of emergency management and crisis.

As teacher, cooperates with the Second University of Rome “Tor Vergata” within the International I and II level CBRN Master Courses and, again as CBRN Expert, in the courses for the Red Cross Volunteers, in the Courses of the Ministry of Health on the Antidotes National Stock  and in the Training Courses of the Joint School for NBC Defense of JGS and in other similar initiatives of other Organizations and Agencies.



FIORE, Stefania

After graduating in Chemical Engineering, she held several postgraduate training courses, including the II Level International Master Course "PROTECTION AGAINST CBRN EVENTS" at Tor Vergata University.

From February 2006 to April 2006 Employee of the Conser S.p.A. in Rome, as Process Engineer in the roles of Junior, Senior and Process Manager.

Technical officer of the National Fire and Rescue Service from April 2006.

From February 2007 to November 2009 in service at the Provincial Head Quarter of Piacenza, with the role of Rescue Specialist and CBRN Coordinator.

From November 2009 to February 2016 in service at the Provincial Head Quarter of Rome, with the position of NBCR Regional Coordinator and National Expert.

From February 2016 in Service in the Central Directorate of Emergency and Technical Rescue, as CNRN and USAR (Urban search and Rescue) National Coordinator.

She has a wide experience for national and international missions both in field exercises and in emergency technical assistance. She also held numerous lectures and participated to international conferences as CBRN expert of the National Fire and Rescue Service.



FONTANA, Dr. Claudia

Biologist at the Italian Red Cross Employee Role Professional Level 2 , Area VI Leadership. Head of Environmental Radioactivity Measurements. Head of Laboratory Measurements Gamma Spectrometry SMRA / LC who organized and structured , and the personnel assigned there. CRI Representative to the Annual Meetings of the National Networks organized by ISPRA. Head of Laboratory Radon SMRA / LC who organized and structured , and the personnel assigned there. Coordinator and Scientific Director of CRI projects financed with public grants. Representative CRI meetings in Technical Coordination Group of the Ministry of Health of the health actions of Civil Defense in the field of CBRN.Teacher and Tutor _ Convention CRI and International Education Students (IES ) of the theoretical and practical training at teh american studens in the field of nuclear emergency. RN Expert of the Department of Public Health of the CRI. Committee Member of the Regency  of  Academy of  Art History Health. Referent in the environment and biological. Collaboration in educational activities with the Master Courses in "Protection against CBRNe Events"  University of Rome Tor Vergata.



FONTANA, Prof. Fabrizio

Associate Professor in Physics at University Guglielmo Marconi, Expert of Optics.




Flavio Fontana, was G7-G8 GIP Pilot Project Coordinator (1995-2001), professor in the Web and Multimedia Database Design at University of Rome (Computer Science Dept. 1999-2013). His teaching, research and professional experience in the fields of Web-Database Applications Design, Computer Software Usability, Human-Computer Interaction and Human Interface Design, e-Learning and IC Technology extend over a period of twenty-eight years. Prof. Fontana has been the project manager on numerous research projects and contracts in the areas of software usability and user interface design. He is the author of numerous scientific and technical papers in the areas of user interface design, multimedia database, e-learning, human computer interaction and cognitive science. He is a co-editor of the ENEA Technical Report in Advanced User Interface Design, Multimedia Database, e-Learning. Prof. Fontana's latest paper is “An Mobile Application to Search Heterogeneous e-Learning Objects and Multimedia Contents in MATRIX Platform: Mobile-QS”. Prof. Fontana is the founding Coordinator of the ENEA Usability & Media Lab and the Group of Work (GoW) titled “Glass of Water” in User Interface Design, Web Usability, Automating Usability Evaluation and Usability in Organizations at University of Rome (March 2014-2016). In 2017, an ENEA reference (DTE) was designated for interoperable platforms with high technological content.



FORTH, Shaun A.

Dr Shaun Forth has expertise in Scientific Computing and Computational Fluid Dynamics. He is the primary author of the ProSAir tool used to simulate blast waves arising from the detonation of high explosives and predict the resulting loads on nearby buildings. ProSAir has 14 commercial users worldwide in the structural engineering, insurance, and defence manufacturing sectors. He has developing interests in risk-based estimation of financial losses following terrorist incidents.

Shaun joined Cranfield University in 1994 after spending 5 years developing computational fluid dynamic tools for BAE Systems. He graduated with a PhD from the University of Bristol in 1990 and a BSc from Warwick University in 1986 – both degrees were in Applied Mathematics. He is also an international expert on Algorithmic Differentiation – the differentiation of functions defined by computer programs.



FOTIA, Giovanna

Giovanna Fotia works at ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco since 2011, as both Project Manager and Junior Expert. She is in charge of coordinating the Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Bioemergencies Grants Office as well as Sacco activities in different International, EU and National funded projects. She offers a technical contribution to the department activities concerning the international and European legal framework, working, in particular, on the international legal system of restraints on biological weapons and their implementation at the national level.

Giovanna also serves as Project Manager and Analyst of healthcare regulations, guidelines and best practices in the University of Milan. She is currently conducting a research (both desk and field based) on the capacity of the Ugandan healthcare system to respond to epidemic and pandemic outbreaks.

She holds a M.A. in International Relations and has a solid background in Project Design and Management. She is fluent in English and Spanish, she has a good command of French and a beginner level in Arabic. 




•Senior scientist (biologist/biotechnologist) at the ‘Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development’ (ENEA), Division of Health Protection Technologies, Rome.

•Academic Activities: Contract Professor, years 2000-2015: ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome: Applied Biology; ‘Tuscia’ University, Viterbo: Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies; ‘Tor Vergata’ University, Rome: Plant Biotechnologies for the Environment and Human Health; University of Siena: Scientific Communication on Plant Biotechnologies. PhD school tutor: Plant Biotechnology (‘Tuscia’University, Viterbo) and Plant Biology (‘Sapienza’ University, Rome)

•Memberships: European Society of Virology; International Society for Plant Molecular Farming; NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme’s ‘Independent Scientific Evaluation Group’ (ISEG) (years 2015-2017).

•Most recent research activities: genetic vaccines and plant-derived biopharmaceuticals against infectious agents (i.e. Human papillomavirus, SARS Coronavirus) and cancer; recombinant antibodies for new diagnostics.

•Co-author of 6 patents (including 3 European), > 50 papers in international journals.




In her capacity as Senior Legal Officer at the OPCW in the Hague; Arianna Fraschetti is primarly responsible for providing  legal advice on issues related to the interpretation and implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention. Since 2014, Ms. Fraschetti has also been serving as the focal point of the OPCW legal dpt. Fo legal issues concerning the elimination of the Syrian chemical weapon programme.

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